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Christian Film Guild: 

It may sound bleak, but New World Order is a decent thriller full of plot twists and turns. To be brutally honest, it’s a total “B” movie in look and feel, but it’s a treat for lovers of over-the-top endtime movies, just like me.                           

Combining some of the best “endtime” film elements with a chillingly believable story line, as well as an ending you won’t soon forget, New World Order is a thoroughly engaging endtime thriller that delivers.

Christian Content: ★★★★★
Film-making Quality: ★★★★☆

What will take place during a New World Order Tour at your church:

  • New World Order screening
  • Filmmaker Apostle Duane A. McCoy briefly expound on the end times
  • Holy Child Gospel recording artist Ellis Poole minister in song
  • Love Offering for Apostle Duane McCoy


Book your church New World Order Tour now by calling Patricia McCoy @ Duane Antoine Management (623) 363-0585 or request NWO Rider @ info@nwomovie.com. 



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New World Order in Africia


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