The Platinum sponsorship brings premium exposure to your brand (company)

* Company logo on film website sponsorship page with link to your brand (company) website for (1) one year

* Company logo places on sponsor’s banner; this banner will be displayed at every screening done by DNA Filmworks for (1) one year

* Thanks to sponsors mentioned in all local & national radio and television interviews for (1) one year

* Company logo advertisement on selected promotional materials for (1) year

* Company logo added to selected E-Blast promotional materials for (1) one year

* Thanks to sponsors mentioned at every Q & A platform, television & radio interview, and screenings for (1) one year

* Provisions of your promotional material and or samples displayed at wrap party and main Premiere

*  VIP Access to the set 

*  Two (2) priority tickets to all premieres, parties, and screenings. 

*  Access to the producers for discussions about family/friends being involved in the process, either as an intern (student) or observer. If a family member or a friend is studying film or acting they will be welcome on the set to observe and participate. We will make an important commercial film. You will be proud of the final product. 

* Sponsoring wrap party 

* Executive Producer Credit in Film 

Disclaimer: The Sponsor is not entitled to any ownership of the FILM, the production company which produces the FILM, or to any copyright or other exclusive rights involved with the motion picture. 


1. Executive Producer
      $25, 000.00